I didn’t know I could want to adopt 10 dogs all at once and without hesitation until the Pet Expo located at the OC Fairgrounds came along over the weekend.

The Pet Expo is hosted by the World Pet Association and focuses on creating a healthy environment and lifestyle for pets and pet owners. What most people don’t expect going into the expo is finding you have a need to plop yourself down in a gated area, hoping all the dogs race to you and feed you love and affection.

Parents forced their kids off the dogs and boyfriends reassured their girlfriends that they’ll one day get a black cat to fulfill that tiny void in their hearts.

People attended the Pet Expo for many reasons, but the one unifying tie was their love for animals.

It’s hard to back away from a dog when they’re giving you a classic puppy dog face and their eyes scream, “Take me. Take me. I’ll lick your face and love you forever.”

Once you’re able to drag yourself away from the adoption site you’re met with one hard decision, what show to watch next?

Yes, I said show. If you thought the pet adoption site was too much for your heart to handle, think again. The shows were even harder to leave.

The expo hosted shows that starred adorable dogs, exotic birds and dogs who leaped off a platform and splashed ever so adorably into the water below them.

Once you watch dogs running off platforms and cannon-balling into the water just to catch a toy being thrown, you’re filled with desire to go back to the pet adoption site and get one of your own and attempt the same stunt.

All the events and sites had you walking in a loop of desire and hope — desire for a new addition to the family and the hope that you're able to carry a close bond with your new found furry family member.

If you adopted an animal and found yourself wondering, “Oh dear I don’t have any supplies for my pet,” there was a whole section dedicated to pet supplies and pet care to fulfill any kind of need.

Colorful leashes, organic and raw food, beds that made you wonder why dogs could have such a luxury but not yourself. If you already have a pet all of these nifty gadgets and supplies had you splurging just to spoil your pet at home.

Aside from all the lovable pets on display by their owners, there were exotic animals too. They ranged from tortoises, llamas, alpacas and all the way to a condor that blew everyone’s mind away. There was even a butterfly walk through exhibit for those who wanted to be baffled by their delicate wings and beauty.

Whether you were there to learn about how to take care of your fish or simply to adopt a new animal into your household, the expo welcomed anyone and everyone who has a special place for animals in their hearts.

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