OCC Gamers Guild finds its new, temporary home on Twitch

The Gamers Guild at Orange Coast College has returned this spring with new events, and some sleek changes from their previous iteration. 

The club, which recently underwent an overhaul of its social media accounts, has looked to polish their online presence and begin adding clips highlighting their content. 

“In the past, we were just there,” said guild President Alondra Ochoa.

Ochoa, 23, is a communications major who has been a member of the guild for the past five years.

This semester, she felt the need to really market the guild and turn it in to a community. With school being online, meetings were no longer possible in person, so the club shifted its focus to Twitch. 

On Twitch, the guild has slowly begun to find success while establishing its community, as they have accumulated 67 followers and 843 views, and have most recently become affiliated on the platform.

Affiliation on Twitch offers the opportunity for viewers to pay for subscriptions and support their favorite streamers. Currently they have received six subscriptions and peaked at 25 live concurrent viewers.

Their success on Twitch came as a result of the game nights the guild has been hosting with the help of guild officer, and 24-year-old business major, Kevin Chavez, as well as 18-year-old nursing major, and guild officer Carla Rivera who assists with the stream and does backstage work.

“I got the idea of game nights from UCI and UCLA,” Chavez said. 

These game nights are typically held on Fridays at 6 p.m, and have seen a variety of games played, including League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Overwatch.

One of the most recent game nights featured the guild playing Smash and included a $35 eShop card giveaway for Nintendo’s online store. “Surprisingly and unsurprisingly it was our most popular stream to date,” Ochoa said. 

The stream averaged 22 live viewers and its VOD accumulated 161 views. The viewership, while largely containing members of the guild, also included students from other schools and viewers from past streams.

“Some of the game nights have generated new faces we aren't used to seeing,” Chavez said.

Their newest endeavor is introducing commentary to their game nights. The addition is typical of eSports events which include a commentary team similar to major sports. OCC students and members Thaigo Lino Da Costa and Jason Hernandez will provide the commentary, which is expected to begin sometime after spring break.

As fall approaches, the guild is still keeping expectations realistic, but once it is able to return to campus, the plan is to begin the process of getting the classroom they previously used before the pandemic back. 

“OCC is aware that there is room for eSports at OCC,” Ochoa said. 

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