Local non-profit organization strives help to children battling trauma from abuse

A child watches sunset at South Coast Plaza. 

Danscilla, a local non-profit organization, is creating a buzz as it provides help to children from low-income families battling traumas from abuse.

They provide services such as family support, trauma therapy, and in-home services at an affordable price. The services provided help children who are mute, socially distant, and have a damaged self-esteem. Their goal is for every child to receive assistance through their pathway to healing regardless of economic background. Danscilla evaluates the child and then creates a unique plan for them to get started. The time frame of start to end varies, but as the community mentioned, it has been a good experience for those who have been serviced by them. The organization strives to help as many families as possible, as the number of child abuse cases are increasing. According to several parents, the services being provided at their facility is not only a big help to the children, but the parents as well. Parents get a boost in morale seeing their children getting better after every session and paying a good price for the services. Danscilla strives to combat child abuse by giving back children their normal lives and bringing the topic of child abuse to the light, as they feel it needs to be talked about more in discussion.

“Parents should not have to worry about payment when getting their child assistance to get through traumatic experiences,” said Hugo Barron, a Danscilla representative.

“Although these services already exist, we find it frustrating that children don’t have much access to the help they need as parents must go through high costs, which is a problem during the pandemic era where parents are struggling,” Barron said.

More than 220,000 reports of child abuse and neglect in Orange County and Los Angeles in 2017 and over 32 percent of those kids were under five years of age, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and Orange County Social Services Agency Child Abuse Registry Statistics. University of California, Irvine researchers found the severity of child abuse cases are on the rise during this Covid 19 era. Parental stress, economic instability, remote school and limited social participation are factors of the rise taken place during this era.

“My son had PTSD and our insurance wouldn’t cover the costs of the services needed to help him. Not to mention that there was no specific time frame as to how long my son would need help from professionals or if they were doing the job correctly,” said Mary, the mother of a patient, who wished to keep her full name private.

Danscilla started operations in Santa Ana in 2019 and expanded to Santa Fe Springs in the fall. Their facility has professionals assisting kids throughout the day, while other staff members market the organization through their website and social media platforms. In addition to helping kids on a personal level, Danscilla also brings awareness to the community by posting videos and pictures on its Instagram and Facebook accounts. They keep themselves active and answer questions and concerns of everyone on the social media platforms. 

“By bringing awareness, we give the community the information they need to identify when a child is going through an ordeal or if it has already occurred. This also creates a discussion among the community members and one that needs to stay active. Child abuse is a serious issue and one that I don’t believe our community truly understands. The awareness also lets the public know they can come here for assistance.” said Yvette Williby, a Danscilla representative.

“I am truly blessed to be doing something that is making a difference and to see the transformation of these kids once their services are complete, really warms my heart. Dancilla is the pathway to healing and we will continue to keep fighting this war against child abuse,” Williby said.

Danscilla has already started planning their next community awareness event which is being targeted for March 2022.

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