Costa Mesa Community Bike Rides with are back

Costa Mesa City Council member Arlis Reynolds (pictured far right, arm raised) joined city residents on a community bike ride on April 25. 

Costa Mesa’s community bike rides were brought back on April 25 by council member Arlis Reynolds at Marina View Park.

These community bike rides are organized by Reynolds with the aid of the Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets, dating back to June 2019. 

“There has been growing advocacy for safer biking and walking in Costa Mesa,” Reynolds said. “We’re doing a number of things on that front at city hall. But we wanted to cultivate a sort of community of bikers and walkers here in Costa Mesa.”

As with many other events, however, the pandemic cut this one short. 

“So we did 10 [rides], and then our March one, which we didn’t do, of course, because then COVID hit,” Reynolds said.

The idea behind these rides is to get bikers from all backgrounds together to ride and learn more about Costa Mesa as a city. Some rides have themes, such as their inaugural one on Father’s Day, or their cookie-themed bike ride, where they delivered cookies to different fire and police stations. 

“Originally council member Reynolds was trying to get everyone to each park,” returning cyclist David Martinez said. “Like this ride, for example, we’ll go to five different parks on the west side. Then there was north. Then we went to Wimbledon parks. And once we did that we went to different places.”

Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets also helps Reynolds organize rides like this. Founded two years ago, the alliance is a non-profit organization that seeks to keep the discussion going in regards to a safe public space for walking or bike riding. 

“We’re not trying to be a bike club or a walk club,” said Russell Toler, the alliance president. “We’re just trying to help advance the discussion from the public on up to city council and city staff on how we can make our public realm better for everyone and work better, be more beautiful, and be more safe and comfortable.”

Costa Mesa bike rides with councilmember Reynolds will be held every month. Follow Reynolds or the Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets on Twitter for upcoming events.

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