GOP club to air disputed abortion film

Community members, including families with children, gathered Thursday in the Science Hall at Orange Coast College to screen the controversial anti-abortion film “Unplanned.”

The event was co-hosted by the College Republicans and Asian Industry B2B, a community of business leaders who support and promote conservative causes and included a discussion panel with question and answer portion. Featured speakers included Rachel Devlin, a 19-year-old biology major and member of the College Republicans and Damien Germinder from Feminists For Life.

Germinder said that he thought that “Unplanned” was effective in addressing the nuances surrounding the issue of abortion.

The event was offered as an extra credit opportunity by some instructors on campus including Rendell Drew, a political science instructor.

“I think it’s important to have events like this because what it does, it helps to give other students and people the other perspective,” Drew said.

One of his students who chose to attend as extra credit was Justin Yeo, a 21-year-old biology major. Yeo said he didn’t know much about the event beforehand.

“I just know the general topic of it but I’m hoping to learn quite a lot,” Yeo said.

Following the screening, there was a lengthy discussion group supplemented by audience questions. Topics like upcoming legislation regarding abortions, issues surrounding contraception and sexual education, and allowing abortions in cases of rape or incest arose over the course of the discussion.

Both panel speakers and audience members shared stories of personal experiences with abortion. 

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