Obscene graffiti

Vandalism was reported on Nov. 19  on the ABC building, John Farmer, chief of Campus Safety said.

According to Farmer, an officer found red spray paint on the walls with names and accusations of child molestation and obscene images.

The Costa Mesa Police Department was called to report the vandalism and said there was several thousand dollars in damage.

The Maintenance and Operations department was called and the graffiti was cleaned up by Nov. 21.  The incident took place in view of security cameras but no suspects have been identified, Farmer said.

Bike swap

An Orange Coast College student’s bike was reported stolen on Nov.16.

According to Farmer, the victim, a male student, parked and locked his bike outside the Technology Center at 7:06 p.m. and returned at 9:06 p.m. to find his bike missing, Farmer said.

The thief took the student’s more valuable bike and left another bike in its place.

CMPD was called to report the theft but the bike was never returned, Farmer said.

Lazy skater

A male student was reportedly skate boarding through campus and into the Adams Avenue Parking Lot on the evening of Oct. 25, Farmer said.  

The student explained to the officer that he was tired and just wanted to go home after the officer stopped the suspect between the Chemistry and ABC buildings.

At first, the student did not hear the officer and continued skating but eventually the student stopped and the officer fined the student $15 for his second offense.


Anxiety attacked

Campus Safety was called to the Math, Business and Computing Center on the afternoon of Nov. 22, Farmer said.

A female student had an anxiety attack and was sitting on the ground with students surrounding her when Campus Safety arrived.

Farmer said the paramedics were called and the victim was treated but refused to go to the hospital.

She was escorted by Campus Safety to the Student Health Center, Farmer said.

Fiancé assault

A Campus Safety officer was patrolling on Nov. 21, when he witnessed a male slapping a female at the corner of Watson Hall around noon, Farmer said.

The suspect, a former OCC student, was with his fiancé who was registering to become an OCC student.

Allegedly, the male suspect saw inappropriate pictures of the female on her phone and lost his temper, Farmer said.

CMPD was called in, but there was no arrest made because the female victim refused to press charges, claiming that she was not assaulted, Farmer said.

A report of the incident went to the Dean of Students, Farmer said.

— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Sarah Hernandez from Campus Safety reports.

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