Hitting a wall

A collision was reported on Nov. 5 at 9:45 p.m. involving a car and a wall at the Coast Community College District, located across the street from Orange Coast College at 1370 Adams Ave.

According to John Farmer, chief of Campus Safety, officers were called to the scene after a Nissan Pathfinder drove through a wall that separated the district offices and Camden Apartments.

The SUV had a non-student man and woman and, according to Farmer, the woman was allegedly learning to drive when the accident occurred.

The vehicle had significant damage to the front passenger window and a broken front bumper but no injuries were reported, Farmer said.

Both the district and the apartment management were contacted by officers because they didn’t know who owned the wall, he added.

Pain in the chest

Medical aid was needed on Wednesday for a women experiencing chest pains at 7:25 p.m. in the Chemistry building room 118.

According to Farmer, an officer was dispatched to the scene and found the female student on her back in the classroom.

The woman allegedly had low blood sugar and was taking no medication. She said she was getting cold and had sharp pains in her chest, Farmer said.

Farmer said paramedics were called and they transferred her to Kaiser Hospital in Irvine. No new information was available.

Wailing woman

An information report was filed concerning student behavior on Nov. 8 at 6:50 p.m. on the third floor of Watson Hall.

According to Farmer, a female student was crying in the building prompting officers to be called. The victim said she had been crying because she was upset over family problems at home, he added.

The officers asked her if she was hurting herself and she said no and that she could stay with her sister, Farmer said.

Officers gave the student information for the Student Health Center and the Costa Mesa Police Department for any counseling she may want or need.


— The Crime Blotter was compiled by Clayton Spivey from Campus Safety reports.

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