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Orange Coast College instructor Jamie Hitchings is teaching Science Fiction Film, a new class that studies the history of sci-fi.

A new class at Orange Coast College allows students to dive into the world of science fiction films and discover new meanings behind them.

Professor Jamie Hitchings has been teaching at OCC for three years and has found an opportunity to teach students about films in a delightful and interesting way. She said wanted to develop classes that are different so students have opportunities to take them — Science Fiction Film is one of them.

“As instructors we should always be perfecting our existing classes or taking chances with trying out new classes,” Hitchings said.

Since the class is so new, many students didn’t know about it.

Jennie Pham, a 19-year-old digital arts major, said that she would be really interested in the class. Even though Pham isn’t a film major, she is still intrigued by what the course has to offer.

“I love sci-fi movies and I also love looking at movies from a different perspective,” Pham said. “It seems like I could learn a lot of fascinating things from the class.”

The class discusses the history of science fiction films and literature from the 1900s to the modern era, Hitchings said. She said she wants her students to see more than the action behind science fiction films.

Additonally, topics such as feminism in films like “Terminator” and “Alien” will also be discussed.

“I want the students to have a deeper understanding of topics they care about,” Hitchings said. “They should be able to take that understanding and see how it fits into the larger context of history and artistic trends.”

The course allows for different perspectives on how to view films. Hitchings said her goal is for her students to be able to deduce their own reasonings behind the films.

“I feel this class is more about critical thinking and is based around film theory not just history and memorization,” Hitchings said. “I want students to come to their own conclusions and become active viewers of film — not just passive consumers.”

The course also counts toward transfer units for CSU, which appeals to a lot of students who are looking to take a different sort of class.

Melissa Lewis, a 24-year-old communications major, said she was a few units short of completing the 60 unit requirement for transfer.

“If I knew about the course, I definitely would’ve taken it because of how interesting it sounds,” Lewis said.

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