Although Orange Coast College campus is closed, the Associated Students of Orange Coast College will still hold its elections via online.

Voting will take place on and will open at 9 a.m. on Monday and close at noon on Friday.

In the past, the student government encouraged students to vote by offering free pizza but since campus is closed, promoting the election is a little harder. Julie Nguyen, the student leadership coordinator, said they have come up with a fun and generous ways to get students to vote.

“We’re doing giveaways through Instagram using gift cards,” Nguyen said. “So each day we would give away gift cards to supermarkets or retail stores or restaurants that students like.”

Nguyen said that they are giving away three gift cards a day until Thursday. She wanted to use gifts cards to places that would be most utilized during the quarantine. All giveaways take place on their Instagram, @asocc.

Mohit Khetarpal, a 19-year-old economics major and current student senator, said it’s mainly through social media that they are promoting the election.

“We’re really trying to boost our engagement,” Khetarpal said. “Then hopefully turn that engagement into votes for candidates on the website.”

Another way the candidates are spreading the word to vote is by contacting faculty members to post the information on Canvas and talk about the election in their classes, Nguyen said. The goal is to try and reach as many students as possible.

“I’ve been trying to reach out to the faculty and gain their support,” Khetarpal said. “I’ve contacted all 700 teachers and get them to post about it on Canvas.”

Although ASOCC does its best to promote the election, Nguyen said historically only a few hundred students vote.

In this election there are nine seats open and exactly nine candidates running — not a lot of competition. However, voting is still of great import even if the candidates are a shoe-in for the position, she said.

“They should vote because anything that happens at OCC is going to be endorsed by them,” Khetarpal said.

To see what the candidates are about, a short video of their statements will be posted on the ASOCC Instagram and their written statements can be viewed here.

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