OCC offering laptop loan program to enrolled students

OCC is offering students the technology they need for remote learning during the pandemic. 

Orange Coast College Student Equity is offering a program loaning Chromebook laptops and iPads to students who are currently enrolled in the fall semester. 

The program began last spring semester and has been successful in serving a number of students. Currently, the program has a total of 203 Chromebooks and 82 iPads. Both options are still available.

Students must be currently enrolled and submit an application online. After submitting an application, Student Equity will respond within one business day. 

At this time, the program has a drive-thru pick up station run by the Student Equity staff on Tuesdays and Fridays. Therefore, if a student submits an application on a Monday, the Chromebook or iPad will be available for pick-up the following day on Tuesday. If they submit an application on a Tuesday morning, a student will be able to pick up on Friday.  

There are also many options for students who are not able to pick up in person.

“Some students are not available to come to campus for pick up,” said Erin Fitzgerald, leader of Student Equity. “They may have schoolwork at home, are under quarantine, not feeling well or unable to pick up in person. For those folks, we can deliver the tablet to them by mail.”

“Some students may not live in the area. For example, we have students who live up north in San Francisco. What we would do is send it to them by mail, which would take a little bit longer than if they were in the OC area,” Fitzgerald said. 

Students may also have someone pick up the laptop or tablet on their behalf, which would require certain information that would identify them.  

This program will also be offered during the spring semester. 

For more information or questions about the program, contact Student Equity through email, studentequity@occ.cccd.edu or call (714) 432-5547.

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