OCC launches website redesign

OCC redesign will add more compatibility with mobile devices, among other improvements. 

Orange Coast College this week will launch a redesign of its website, orangecoastcollege.edu. An OCC press release stated that the redesign is intended to make OCC’s webpage “more intuitive and accessible for visitors to navigate.”

“We want to make the new design streamlined and incorporate some of the multimedia and social media tools that are very important to communicate with our audiences,” said Juan Gutierrez, OCC’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, in an email. “The new website should provide the flexibility to allow a program or department to fully use these tools.”

The new design will also include improved navigation and functionality, including desktop and mobile functionality, an improved search engine, and improved accessibility for visitors with limitations or disabilities.

“The current website is ADA compliant. The issue is that as soon as something gets added by an editor or a department, it may fall out of compliance,” Gutierrez said. “The new back end software we are using to host and edit OCC's web pages will add a layer of ADA checking.”

The website was updated three years ago with user analytics that track clicks and what visitors were ultimately looking for. The analytic data was collected, along with feedback from focus groups composed of faculty, staff, students, potential students and community members, and used to create the new web page design.

The launch on Monday will debut the new presentation of OCC’s homepage, department pages, and key landing pages. 

“The process of fully implementing the site will take up to a year,” Gutierrez said. “In that time we hope to add a live chat feature to the site.”

The redesign will eventually be applied throughout the entire school website. The OCC portal will not be affected by the redesign.

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