Home sweet (temporary) home

OCC students are being temporarily housed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Costa Mesa and another location after The Harbour move-in was delayed by a labor strike.

Students hoping to move into The Harbour, Orange Coast College’s new on-campus student housing, were delayed another month by a labor strike.

According to an email from Lani Farley, the community director for The Harbour, the delay was caused by a labor strike of the Local 636 Southern California Glaziers union, which has since been resolved.

There are currently 49 students living in temporary housing accommodations – one being the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Costa Mesa and the other is student housing at University House Fullerton, according to Farley.

For Alexis Chavez, an 18-year-old film and television major, the delays were unsurprising.

“I was kind of expecting that to happen just because of everything going on with COVID and stuff. I figured it just wasn’t going to happen and I heard it was a labor strike and I was ‘Oh well that’s understandable for sure,’” Chavez said. “Everyone’s stressing out right now because of work and COVID and just trying to make it in the economy right now.”  

Now that the strike has been resolved, a move-in date has been set for Sept. 25, but until then students have been allowed to pay a reduced rate, Farley said. 

For students like Chavez, the hassles of living in a hotel have made the past month difficult.

“Parking’s definitely a difficulty, the beds are uncomfortable at times. It’s just different to get accustomed to because it’s usually when you’re in a hotel, you’re there for a week or two and then you’re home so it takes getting used to,” Chavez said. “And then calling for toilet paper and stuff and just getting used to that kind of thing. There’s no kitchen either, so you can’t just make food. You have to eat microwave stuff or go out to eat.”

Chavez also said that confusion over payment was adding to her frustrations. 

“I had paid three months in advance, so I was technically expecting to be paid up until November. But now apparently, I’m only paid up until October,” Chavez said. “But I think they’re going to go through that because a lot of students are now talking about it like ‘Hey you guys charged us for this and half of us aren’t even there.’”

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