Withdraw from class

The deadline for students to drop a fall semester class at Orange Coast College is Nov. 14.

With the final stretch of this newly implemented way of learning due to COVID-19, students may find it helpful to withdraw from a class. They may opt to drop a class due to stress, undesirable grades or other circumstances. 

The OCC website offers three different ways for students to drop a class: through MyCoast Portal, via email or mailing in a form.  

A "W" – meaning “withdrawal” – doesn't affect students’ ability to transfer as long as there is not an “excessive number or pattern,” according to the OCC Transfer Center FAQ page.

Students who want to retake the dropped class during a later semester need to contact a counselor for additional information, per the OCC Enrollment Center

Before dropping a class with a W, students are advised to see a counselor to discuss the outcomes. 

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