As the nation haggles about petty matters such as democracy and vote counting, may I suggest a better use of your time? 

“Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” was recently released exclusively on Amazon Prime and it is worth reactivating your membership for, or you can just do the 30-day trial and cancel before Christmas.

If the idea of watching Sacha Baron Cohen run around the heartland of America in a fat suit disguised as a redneck with a Kazakh accent sounds appealing to you, then you really have issues, but are also in for a pretty darn good time!

I was a little appalled by the beginning, middle and end, but honestly, it was a pretty funny movie. An added bonus was getting to see Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, former New York City mayor, Rudy Guilliani fall prey to the charms of Borat’s daughter Tutar, who is supposed to be 15 years old and is played by Maria Bakalova, a 24-year-old Bulgarian actress.  

During a scene in which Tutar interviews Guiliani in a NYC hotel room regarding his views on President Trump and how he has handled the pandemic, Guiliani makes himself comfortable on the bed and appears to be preparing to become a lot more comfortable when Borat breaks in just in time posing as a sound guy.

The plot is outlandish. Borat — the obnoxious and all-too-well-known journalist from Kazakhstan — must come to the United States (referred to as “U.S. in A.” by Borat) to deliver a prized gift to Vice President Mike Pence in order to restore Kazakhstan’s international standing.

He tries to bring a famous and talented Kazakh chimp, but when the crate arrives, he discovers that Tutar has stowed away inside it. In order to survive the crossing, she did what any ambitious 15-year-old girl would do — she ate the chimp.

Borat, being a good Kazakh, wants nothing to do with his daughter because earlier in the film we learn that women in Kazakhstan are kept in cages until they can be married off to a husband. Tutar was the oldest spinster in her village and had nothing going for her except her dreams of one day finding a cage as nice as Melania Trump’s and a keeper as generous as Donald Trump.

This is definitely a new world twist on the idea of women's liberation, but in spite of the steep learning curve — yes, women really do drive cars, read, think for themselves and have orgasms without the help of a man — the movie actually gets there. 

Against all rules and recommendations from the Kazakh Ministry of Culture and Behavior, Borat discovers that he loves his daughter after they go through multiple challenges trying to convert Tutar into a desirable prize for Vice President Mike Pence, the ultimate ladies man.

When you add up all the offensive moments with all the hilarious moments, this movie is very well balanced. Spoiler alert:the subplot offers alternative theories and alternate answers regarding the origins of COVID-19. If you are willing to get past the ongoing offensive and repulsive parts, this movie is pretty awesome!

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