Daniel Craig is James Bond

"No Time to Die" star Daniel Craig pictured here during the 2015 debut of "Spectre." 

Delayed by two years, the latest installment of the James Bond franchise “No Time to Die” has finally hit theaters. This highly anticipated film earned its place in cinematic history as it was Daniel Craig’s last time reprising his iconic role of James Bond. 

As always, Craig embodied the role of Bond. Craig brought a captivating physicality to this role while also remaining the double agent we all know and love. Unlike other Bond films, “No Time to Die” gave us a previously unseen insight into Bond’s psyche. The film showed us Bond’s softer side and his desire to have family and a “normal” life. 

Anna De Armas had a standout performance in this film. While she graced the screen for only five minutes, she truly captivated the audience’s attention. Her character was a breath of fresh air and brought humor and lightheartedness to the film. 

Rami Malek played the villain of this film. Malek’s character felt underdeveloped as his motivations as a villain were unclear. The focus in the film was rarely on Malek’s character, making it hard for him to own the screen as he normally does. 

One of the film’s strongest components was it’s cinematography.  The movie’s cinematographer, Linus Sandgren, masterfully captured the movie’s aesthetic with specific color palettes. Sandgren captured the mood of certain scenes by using color to communicate the underlying emotions at play. Many of the scenes were shot in a similar way as “La La Land,” the movie Sandgren won an Academy award for. 

Composed by the legendary Hans Zimmer and sung by Billie Eilish "No Time to Die" has a theme song that sets the mood for the entire film. Eilish became the youngest singer ever to record the theme song to a Bond film at 18 years old. Eilish’s theme song helped to set the somber mood for the film and showcased her under appreciated vocal range. As expected, Zimmer produced a masterful soundtrack reminiscent of the classic Bond music.

“No Time to Die” was the finale of Craig’s 15year-long run as Agent 007. While his chapter as James Bond may be over, the Bond franchise is certainly here to stay. “No Time to Die” gave us a glimpse into the increasingly diverse future of the Bond Franchise. 

This film introduced us to  a new 007, played by Lashanna Lynch. In addition to having 007 being played by a Black woman, this film also introduced to us new diverse characters like Paloma, who is played by Cuban actress Ana De Armas. 

While it is hard to say goodbye to Daniel Craig, the Bond franchise certainly has an exciting future ahead of itself. “No Time to Die” was a bittersweet yet satisfying ending and I certainly can’t wait for what is yet to come. 

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