Bowers Museum presents virtual spring equinox festival

The Bowers Museum is hosting a virtual festival for spring equinox Sunday. The festival will stream on Facebook Live and YouTube with commentary from the museum, from 11 a.m. to noon. 

This festival includes performances from the Orange County Ballet Theater and students at the Orange County School of the Arts.

“We also incorporated some multicultural performances,” said Victoria Gerard, Bowers Museum’s Vice President of Programs.

Violinist Emily Lu, 12, will perform “Spring Song” by German composer, Felix Mendelssohn.

Dances from the Arpana Dance Company and the Lan Nartthasin Thai Dance Group of Los Angeles will also be presented.

The museum hoped to present a Holi Festival, but due to COVID-19, will have to postpone it to next year.

“Everything is more fun when we can have a bunch of people together, other than just having people watch [the festival] happen virtually,” Gerard said. 

The Lan Nartthasin Thai Dance Group of L.A. will perform the Thai classical dance, Menorah. The group chose to do a dance related to water, since Thailand’s New Year is April 13.

“The Thai New Year is more like a water festival,” said Lan Nartthasin, Thai Dance Group of L.A., Jida Sukpradit.

“The festival is pretty diverse and really fun,” Gerard said. 

There will also be an art project and recipe that viewers can follow along with at home. The leaf mandala is a craft that has been done at the Bowers Museum before, and doesn’t require one to leave home to go to a store.

“You can just go, step outside your door and grab a bunch of leaves,” Gerard said. 

On March 17, the Bowers Museum reopened to the public after Orange County entered the red tier. Stations for hand sanitizer, social distance messaging and temperature checks were placed throughout the museum’s common areas for safety precautions. Directional flow patterns are also placed in the museum to help guide guests. 

“I’m really proud of us because we’ve been prepared,” Gerard said. 

While the museum focused on their virtual programs when they were closed to the public, they still made sure that they would be ready when the time came to reopen. 

For a brief two weeks in July 2020, the museum opened for their“Inside the Walt Disney Archives: 50 Years of Preserving the Magic,” which was a success. “You can naturally social distance in a museum,” Gerard said. 

The Walt Disney exhibit has been extended through June 20, now that the museum is reopened.

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