GOP club to air disputed abortion film

In what was one of the most graphic and disturbing films I have ever seen, “Unplanned” documents an employee of Planned Parenthood’s trials and tribulations.

The film is based on a true story and is scheduled to be shown Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Science Hall.

Set in a town in Texas, the main character Abby Johnson, played by Ashley Bratcher, highlights how she became an employee, from a booth visiting Texas A&M University.  Along the way, it profiles her having not one but two abortions and how she handled them.

The movie, released in March, was based off Johnson’s 2011 novel, “Unplanned.”

Coming from a conservative family, Johnson wasn’t exactly open to the idea of abortions but was drawn to the organization based on its mission statement of wanting to help empower women.

The family stood by Johnson even though they strongly disagreed with her decisions, especially after becoming the clinic director, and after becoming pregnant herself.

Along with following Johnson throughout the film, the supporting cast includes members of religious clubs who are protesting abortions, who often are seen throughout the film as the voice of reason.

It appears that regardless of what you as a viewer personally believe in or what side of the always heated pro-life vs. pro-choice debate you fall on, the film’s perspective is glaringly pro-life. The film went as far as to show abortion procedures in graphic, gory detail.

I found the film incredibly graphic and unsettling, as I couldn’t finish it in one sitting, often finding myself having to pause the film and leave the room.

The almost two-hour film opened with a traumatic scene inside of an operating room, and then quickly flashed back to eight years prior, detailing Johnson’s entire career with the non-profit organization and her inevitable resignation.

I can see how this film can be used as effective propaganda against Planned Parenthood. It shows them as a corporation with really no regard for anything but turning a profit — even as a non-profit organization.

Johnson’s claim throughout the entire film is how she just wanted to help empower women and educate them, however the only thing we ever saw were the gory abortions showcased.

The film even went so far as to have Johnson’s boss, Sheryl, tell her that Planned Parenthood survives as a non-profit because of abortions.

I felt as though the film is seen as a scare tactic to get people to not want to receive an abortion. Since the film is supposedly based off a true story, as a viewer, you are persuaded to believe that this is the only way of thinking.

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Reading this I am struck by the writers naivete. I mean it sounds like the movie did to you EXACTLY what it aimed to do. You were disturbed. I am really scratching my head wondering is there something you were trying to get out of the movie that you didn't? Do you have expectations when you watch a movie? I understand that for a movie we are all anticipating but either you had no idea what the movie was about before you watched it and the message just didn't jibe with your personal beliefs and disturbed you, which I think is good. The makers get kudos for having an impact on you. Not all movies can produce that much reaction. However this movie seemed to have impacted you so much that you had to turn it off and take it in in bits. Well, I think anti-abortionists find abortion just that abhorrent and they want others to feel the same. Certainly you don't think watch a time limited movie is even close to the horror happening all the time around you. What exactly did you expect? Did the movie say what it wanted to say and you just didn't like what it was saying because it forced you to look at some things that are hard to look at because you are comfortable and don't want to change your opinions?

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