REVIEW: OCC’s College Life Committee’s Harry Potter Escape Room

Students gather for the Orange Coast College College Life Committee's virtual Harry Potter Escape Room on April 23. 

Orange Coast College’s College Life Committee hosted “Escape From The Chamber of Secrets: A Virtual Harry Potter Themed Escape Room” on April 23,  The virtual Zoom event was the very first escape room event for CLC and OCC’s Student Government. 

The event started with students being sorted into Hogwarts houses like Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. Then everyone was sent “into the chamber” for the event to begin in a breakout room. The first game was a virtual hunt for key fragments. The host took suggestions from students on where in the virtual room to click and find key fragments. 

The next room was a puzzle where students had to correctly guess the order of Hogwarts textbooks on a shelf. Then students unlocked a bonus hint after correctly answering trivia asked by the house elf, Dobby.

Students then had to solve a word scramble made up of potion ingredients. After that was the most challenging puzzle: a number riddle. Students had a hard time deciphering the correct number sequence to unlock the padlock.

“The number riddle was only so hard because everyone was shouting at once,” said Christopher Lee, Computer Information Systems major. Christopher was sorted into Slytherin house during the event. “Over Zoom it’s really easy to accidentally talk over someone else. But I’m really proud of Slytherin House for being able to solve everything so quickly overall.” 

The last puzzle was a crossword in which students had to know deeper Harry Potter trivia to correctly fill in answers. After the puzzle was solved, students were able to cast the correct spell and finally escape the chamber of secrets. 

Everyone then virtually returned to the Great Hall and the main Zoom room to celebrate.

The final part of the virtual event was a Kahoots Trivia game with over 35 questions that covered all of the Harry Potter books and movies. 

“My favorite part of planning this event was spending time with my dedicated subcommittee members and watching each one of them contribute something unique and essential to the success of the event,” said Danae Navarrette, CLC Events and Volunteer Coordinator.

According to Navarrette, a lot of hard work was put into the planning of this event. 

“In a time where connection with our school can be hard to come by, I treasure the ability to genuinely interact with my peers,” said Navarrette.

More OCC virtual events are being planned. 

“Depending on the turnout, feedback, and suggestions from our student body, I can anticipate there to be more events like this in the future,” said Grishma Patel, OCC’s Student Life and Leadership Specialist.

More events and information can be found on ASOCC Instagram and the Student Life Events page of OCC’s website.

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