Minoti Vaishnav

Minoti Vaishnav

Minoti Vaishnav, 24, has come a long way from when she first started singing at age 11.

Now an accomplished singer-songwriter, Vaishnav describes her journey as a budding pop singer.

Born in Mumbai, India, Vaishnav was majorly influenced by her musical family at a young age.

At the age of eleven, Vaishnav began to express a budding interest in writing and singing songs.

Vaishnav recalled listening to artists such as The Beatles and Aerosmith, which sparked an interest in music for her.

Although she cites the latter as her first influence in music, Vaishnav does not limit herself to only one genre; rather, she intends on bringing as many genres possible into her music.

After becoming intrigued with such artists, Vaishnav began to pursue a future in music and started learning how to play the guitar by ear at age 13.

Vaishnav continued to further her musical talent by learning how to play the piano and began taking vocal lessons.

At this time, Vaishnav really began her music career by recording her own songs.

In 2008, Vaishnav had her first success with her song ‘Psychologist,’ which became a popular single on the internet.

As a transfer student as Orange Coast College, Vaishnav worked hard on her music and studies which paid off.

In 2010, Vaishnav released her first album, ‘The Fictional Truth,’ which she describes has an acoustic sound, influenced by artists such as Katy Perry and Alexz Johnson.

Vaishnav graduated from Orange Coast College after two years with an associate’s degree in music and now attends the California State University at Northridge.

When asked about her upcoming sophomore release, Vaishnav said she wants to transition from acoustic to a more commercial pop sound.

Artists such as Ellie Goulding and Christina Perri are listed as her influences for the upcoming album.

Although Vaishnav intends to transition to a poppier sound, she carefully notes that she wants to continue writing deeper, meaningful lyrics.

With this sophomore album, Vaishnav desires to not only progress her sound, but to develop a strong fan base in order to continue doing what she loves most — making music.

Check out her music at www.youtube.com/MinotiMusic or www.reverbnation.com/minoti.

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