Fortnite sucks players into a black hole
Fortnite’s popularity came out of nowhere following its initial release, now just over two years later the game has unexpectedly vanished into a digital black hole. 
On a day that was expected to see the release of a large update, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, hosted an in-game event at 11 a.m on Sunday.
Not even 20 minutes later players were stuck staring at a black hole they had all but been sucked into. That’s where many sat for hours until they realized nothing was to come.
Following the blackout, social media devolved into a frenzy with Fortnite related trends popping up, #FortniteBlackout being one of the few. 
On Twitch alone, over 1.5 million people were viewing Fortnite streams, and Tfue, the game’s biggest streamer, had an audience of 350,000 who watched him as he stared into the black hole’s oblivion.
The event shocked many but people expected a short downtime before the game would return. So far, nothing of the sort has occurred. 
Players from around the world have complicated feelings as they sit left in the dark— figuratively and literally.
The expectation going into the event was for Chapter 2 of Fortnite to be released which would see the game get an overhaul, including a new map.
While downtime is usually normal for Fortnite, this one has been a little more peculiar, lasting much longer than the typical three hours.
Yet another wrinkle is that the update had already been delayed a week from it’s originally slated Oct. 6 release.
Now, players are left questioning not only what is to come, but when.
Rumors floating around seem to suggest the game could be back as early as Tuesday. However, leaks from data miners seemed to believe it could release as late as Thursday.
At the time of publication, Epic Games hadn’t announced anything with many of their social media platforms showcasing photos of the same black hole.
At the end of the day, players will be critical of the delayed release, but for Epic Games, I expect the attention is only going to gain the game more hype.


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