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The Gamer’s Guild at Orange Coast College is back this spring 2023 semester.

“We are a casual gaming space where we sit down and play some games,” said President of the Gamer’s Guild at OCC, Chandler Potts.

The guild plays Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, and Valorant, but they wish to get Overwatch, Team Fortress Two as well as other games, according to Potts.

The guild uses both Twitch and Discord for announcements and online gaming, according to Vice President of the guild, Alonda Ochoa. It gives guild members flexibility to socialize with other members remotely, and play online together despite school and personal commitments.


“It’s good to have an online space like this,” Ochoa said.

The guild is split into two section: video games and tabletop board games. People can play video games, board games and card games in the meeting room, according to Tabletop Advisor of the guild, Ken Tran.

Any member can vote in ideas as to what game they would like to incorporate into the guild.Recent voting included Pokemon and Mario Kart.

While OCC does have a competitive eSports program, the Gamer Guild wants to ensure that they are taking their gaming casually.

“There’s certain people who play on teams, such as Valorant and Smash Bros., and we advocate for competitive practice as well,” Potts said, but their guild is different. “Most of the time, it’s just sitting down and hanging out.”

The Gamer’s Guild takes pride in how they run things organically because it lets members socialize for as much as they would like in an in-person fashion.

“I’ve definitely met some people in the club that ended up being my absolute closest friends,” Ochoa said.

Joining is simple, according to Potts and Ochoa. Just follow their slogan, “bring your own controller.” This is a turn on words from Steve Jobs’ quote of “bring your own monitor” when introducing the first Mac Mini.

The guild has over 150 members on their discord, and provides members with Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox gaming consoles during weekly in-person meetings.

The guild has an Instagram account about their club, and holds meetings on Fridays 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on campus in the Art Center.

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