Spring Anime schedule shallow on the surface, but packed deep with potential

My Hero Academia Season 5 is advertised on a storefront. 

Going into this spring anime season, my bar isn’t necessarily high, though that isn’t meant to discredit the shows coming out. This season is packed with shows I’ve never watched before, or ones that have seen my interest decline. Last season felt like we were rewarded with hit after hit, and this spring is lacking in terms of massive titles. Because of this, I was initially left questioning what to watch, with a lot of the titles being released are ones I had never heard of. During the early days of the season and over the last few weeks, however,I have found a few shows worth watching.

Long Awaited

It’s been over a year since the fourth season of My Hero Academia aired. During that time, the show has steadily drifted away from peaking my interest. I’ve yet to actually finish season four, as I took a long break from the series to pick up other anime titles, but My Hero Academia Season 5 is undoubtedly this season's premier anime. Since it began airing, the superhero-themed show has carved out a massive fandom that has allowed it to continue running and also branch out with a movie and video game release. For a brief while it was one of my favorites, before my aforementioned drift away from the series. This drift was caused by my dislike of the main character, and how the latter seasons had progressed. That being said, I will likely find myself catching up with the show due to the lack of firepower this spring. Season 5 is currently airing on Crunchyroll and Funimation and new episodes are released on Saturdays.

No Expectations

This category is not meant to be a disservice to the show listed at all. When I say least expectations, I more or less am going into the show not expecting anything- but, the show could easily be one of my favorites by the end of the season. That being said, with a name like Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway, and the plot including said high school runaway Sayu, living with a 26-year-old Yoshida, who she attempts to seduce, there is a reason I’m going into the anime with no expectations. However, the first episode was really enjoyable, and as weird as the title and plot may seem at surface level, the show seems to be staying on the wholesome side for the time being. There are scenes that insinuate the fan service seen in many animes, but overall the show has steered clear from that appeal in regards to Sayu and Yoshida’s relationship, with Yoshida shutting down the sexual favors thrown his way. As long as the show doesn’t go off the rails and get extremely uncomfortable to watch, I do see potential in it. Through one episode, the anime has a really interesting plot centred around this unlikely relationship between the two characters Yoshida and Sayu. Higehiro is currently airing on Crunchyroll and new episodes are released on Mondays.



Last season anime studio Cloverworks missed the mark with The Promised Neverland 2nd Season, but then surprised me with their psychological thriller Wonder Egg Priority. The studio has another somewhat supernatural and thriller-esque anime that is slipping under the radar, Shadows House. The first episode, while a little slow, sets the pace for the show and explains the world it is set in: a mysterious family, who is only recognizable as shadows, live in a mansion where they are attended to by living dolls that are meant to personify their emotions. Episode one spent its entirety inside of the quarters of Kate, a shadow who has just received her living doll, while the rest of the mansion is still a mystery. With the groundwork laid out, I’m hopeful the show will lean into the creepy and suspenseful atmosphere it gives off. Shadows House is currently airing on Funimation and new episodes are released on Sundays.


Honorable Mentions

As far as what’s left, there is Tokyo Revengers, which had a really interesting first episode that blended aspects of other popular animes, most notably Erased. There is a lot of potential with the show, but it will come down to how well the execution plays out. If you enjoy shows that include the ability to rewrite past events, as well as shows that pertain to gangs, then I suggest picking it up. 


A more relaxing and serotonin-producing show is Super Cub, which focuses on a high school student and her newly purchased Honda Super-Cub. With her bike as company, the previously reserved Koguma makes new friends and travels on new adventures. 

Lastly, there is another show featuring a long and interesting title, The Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose!, Osamake. I know nothing about the show, but with a title that promises the childhood friend won’t lose, it feels worth a watch. In romcom animes that idea is laughable, as time and time again you'll see a childhood friend in an anime losing to a new girl, so why not give it a try? Especially since the second season of Rent-a-Girlfriend was delayed, which would have been my go to romcom for spring.

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