Mass Appeal 2020 entries

Juried winners from the 2020 Mass Appeal exhibition were featured on Instagram as part of a virtual event due to COVID-19. This year's event will once again be virtual. 

Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion is once again hosting the annual Mass Appeal student exhibition as the semester draws to a close at Orange Coast College. This year, the exhibition will be held online between May 10-20. Student art will be posted on the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion Instagram page.  The deadline for submission is May 5.            

Because of the unique times that we are living in, this year’s online exhibition gives students an opportunity to submit art made across multiple disciplines including architecture, fashion, film, performing arts and literary arts. 

Submissions are open to all OCC students enrolled in at least one class this semester. All work submitted material must have been created in 2020 and not entered in last year’s exhibition.

This is a unique opportunity for students to showcase their discipline, network with each other, and have a shot at one of the twelve $100 “Scholarship Awards” made possible through the OCC Foundation

A very unique aspect of this year’s Mass Appeal student exhibition is that it is being curated and coordinated almost entirely by students. Lisamarie Garbutt, an art history major at OCC, is at the helm of the project this year with co-director Leland Paxton, part-time faculty in the Visual and Performing Arts Department.

Garbutt, along with a fellow student in OCC’s Professional Studies class originated the concept. Garbutt's classmate approached her in 2020 and asked if she was interested in getting involved because she was the only person that had knowledge on how to curate an exhibition.

Professor Kim Garrison wrote a proposal to Tyler Stallings, director of the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, and became the co-curator of the 2020 student exhibition, Garbutt said.

“We also worked with a student team to help with graphics, animation, emails and judging,” Garbutt said.

Not only will the event be curated by students, but the judging will also be done entirely by students coming from a plurality of disciplines. 

“I give a lot of credit to Tyler [Stallings]. I don’t know of any other school where part of the team is a student, and then all the judges are students, for a show. Most of the time, faculty or an outside person’s judging, and the faculty’s organizing it. I’ve never heard of a student being an equal partner on an exhibit team for a student show,” Paxton said.            

Garbutt is a former student of Paxton’s but to him, she is a colleague now. 

“She has an equal voice. She’s really a part of the team,” Paxton said. 

Garbutt was the lead student for last year’s Mass Appeal exhibition and this year she is the co-director.


“It’s nice to have that legacy,” said Stallings. “The bottom line though, is that it gives more experience, hands-on experience, for students who might be interested in pursuing an arts administrative position. It creates more options aside from just thinking that if you’re studying art that you can only be an artist, but you could also be an artist and make a profession out of it too.”

Detailed instructions on the submission process can be found on the Doyle Arts Pavilion page.The show also gives the rest of the student body an opportunity to get a window into the type of work that each of these departments have been doing during this time of online learning when they can’t network on campus or happen into an event like in the non-virtual days.

The virtual event will be happening on Instagram from May 10-20. There will be a live Zoom closing reception on May 20 from 12:15-1:00 p.m. to announce the winners.

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