To All the Boys 2

An overemotional high school girl finds her first boyfriend and happens to find herself in a love triangle with her long lost love from sixth grade. Sounds romantic, right?

After almost a year and a half wait, “To all the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You,” finally debuted on Netflix Feb. 12, and stars Lana Condor as Lara Jean.

The opening scene shows Lara Jean dancing around her room lip-syncing to “Then He Kissed Me.” Kitty, Lara Jean’s sister played by Anna Cathcart, caught her sister in the act.

“Adventures in Babysitting, seriously, Lara Jean now is not the time to be fantasizing about living in an 80’s movie,” Kitty said.

The movie centers Lara Jean trying to figure out how to be a girlfriend and starts by her going on her first date with her boyfriend Peter Kavinsky, played by Noah Centineo, as they promise to never break each other’s hearts.

My question was, who does that on a first date?

Obviously there are some nerves, but first dates are not the place you promise to not break each other’s hearts, especially in high school. But of course, just like every other naive high school student, they think it’s going to last forever.

This sequel attempted to add some more depth to each character but at the cost of cutting out relationships with her friends and family that were quite important in the first movie.

Margot, her older sister, is only seen once the entire movie and Kitty shows up sporadically. Josh, the main foil to Peter, disappeared and Laura Jean’s father now has a new girlfriend. A plot point that brought nothing extra to the movie.

I viewed Lara Jean as confident and independent, but with Peter that confidence faded. She spoke up for herself before but in the relationship she never said what she was actual struggling with.

She found stability in John Ambrose, a boy mentioned in the first film but never shown, because he made all the insecurities surface in her relationship with Peter. This forced her to reassess the relationship and inevitably spiraled into a love triangle.

The movie was a roller coast of emotions. I thought the first film was great but the sequel was subpar.

I didn’t feel as connected to the characters and the sequel made me dislike Lara Jean for her indecisive, overemotional actions. Even though she did gain some confidence I feel like her becoming friends with Peter’s ex-girlfriend Gen made no sense to me. It seemed like Lara Jean was desperate for the nostalgia of an old friend and instantly forgave her for posting a compromising video of her in the first film.

As far as the dialogue was concerned, just like every other rom-com there were some cheesy lines but when all a character can do is smile and kiss her hand in response, I think it’s time for some innovation.

I am very interested to see how the third and final movie “To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean” turns out. The film is supposed to come out sometime this year and I am wondering how it will stack up to the others.

Either way, we won’t be waiting too long to see how the indecisive Lara Jean’s love story ends.

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