The Doyle is accepting submissions for Mass Appeal

Students are encouraged to submit their art for Orange Coast College’s Frank M. Doyle Art Pavilion’s annual Mass Appeal Student Juried Exhibition by April 5. This is the first in-person Mass Appeal exhibit in two years. 

Like previous years, there is a cash prize for first, second and third place winners of $500, $400 and $300, respectively. 

The Director and Curator of The Doyle Tyler Stallings is asking that students submit their artwork online instead of bringing it to the gallery for this year's Mass Appeal. Previously, to submit their work students brought their artwork to the gallery, but it wasn’t the most efficient process. 

“Then there were artists who were not chosen, so then they had to come and pick up their work,” Stallings said. “It created an awkward emotional thing, but also just sort of expanded the amount of time and unnecessary work to do that.”

To make the submission process more accessible for everyone, students can submit their work with the provided criteria via an online portal.

Submissions are limited to one per student and accompanying the form should be a mailing address that is accurate through at least June 2022. A description of the work that is being submitted is required, including how it was made, materials used, the subject matter and anything else that will distinguish your work from others.

Photographing artwork for an exhibit can be intimidating, so to ease the pressure, Stallings recommends photographing the work against a clean space or backdrop.

“They can submit up to three files, even though it’s one work, we love three files,” Stallings said. “Say it’s a sculpture, they wanted to show different sides or say a painting or show detail, that kind of thing.”

For this Mass Appeal, The Doyle is collaborating with OCC’s Counseling Latin@s for Equity and Engagement project (CLEEO). Because Stallings is a supporter of multiple departments collaborating with each other at OCC, he and CLEEO’s coordinator Eric Cuellar teamed up to secure a juror for this year’s Student Mass Appeal and obtain another nationally recognized artist to show their work at The Doyle. 

Heriberto Luna is a contemporary artist that has shown work at museums and galleries around the country. Luna has also collaborated with CLEEO three times before. 

“Luna focuses on pre-Columbian art and that’s been the theme or what’s been inspiring his work. It’s part of his heritage,” Cuellar said.

Luna’s recent work is constantly evolving and that’s something that Stallings and Cuellar want to showcase. While the student exhibit is on display in the Main Gallery, Luna’s work will be showcased in The Doyle’s Project Gallery. 

Students have time to consider what pieces of work they want to submit over Spring Break. The deadline for submissions is April 5 at 11:59 p.m. with the exhibit opening on May 3 until May 12.

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