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OCC's COVID-19 at a glance

Orange Coast College has been tracking COVID-19 occurrences in students and employees since July. This data is publicly available on the OCC COVID-19 Dashboard. 



For students of Orange Coast College, adapting to 2020 has meant restructuring their education around the screens of home computers and mobile devices, and in some cases putting off needed classes until in-person learning can resume. For pet owners, however, remote learning has come with a s…

Arts + Culture

An online format hasn’t been the easiest move for such a hands-on club like Orange Coast College’s Fashion Club, but through online club meetings and attendance at socially distanced events such as the Long Beach Antique Market, the Fashion Club has been as active as ever. 



Democratic nominee Joe Biden has been projected the winner of the presidential race by the Associated Press. With 290 electoral votes, he will defeat incumbent Donald Trump, who trails with 214 votes, according to AP projections.