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As Hispanic Heritage Month comes to an end, Orange Coast College continues its recognition of its Hispanic and Latino community. The OCC organization Counseling Latinos for Equity and Engagement (CLEEO) will host part two of its 11.0 Summit with University of Southern California Dean Pedro N…


Fall is officially here and Halloween is just around the corner. Orange Country is full of fun and unique pumpkin patches. The following are a few local pumpkin patches that offer something for everyone to enjoy. 

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“Squid Game” is a Korean Netflix original show that has piqued massive interest worldwide. On pace to break the Netflix streaming record for most hours watched, “Squid Game” has thrust millions of people into learning about Korean culture and customs. All over the internet, people are cospla…


As protests against the Vietnam War and support for the civil rights movement surged across the United States in 1971, President Richard Nixon stood in the White House on June 17 and addressed the nation, declaring the “War on Drugs.” Nixon called drugs “public enemy number one.”