I have never written to a newspaper, however, the article published on Feb. 23, “It pays to do bathroom recon,” regarding campus restrooms has compelled me to do so.

 The hard-working custodial crew work throughout the night cleaning and servicing this campus and when their shift ends at 6 a.m., restrooms have been cleaned and stocked with paper products.  By mid-morning some of them are in a state that baffles me.

I personally have received many calls from faculty, staff, even deans reporting, sometimes with more detail than I would like, the condition of a restroom. 

I ask myself the same question each and every time, “who would do such a thing?” Reports include such things as someone not using the toilet, but instead the floor. 

I concede that a small percentage of incidents reported are accidents, however, when I receive a report that a person has used the floor or smeared human waste on the walls, it is no accident (and the young man reporting wonders why there is a smell). 

When I have to place a radio call for these incidents, which happen more often than you would think, I give the location of the restroom and state only that it “requires a clean-up,” inwardly feeling horrible that I have sent a co-worker to attend to what I can only describe as disgusting. 

Often I will apologize to them when they return for what they have had to do. A student assistant informed me that when she enters some restrooms, paper products and feminine items are thrown all over the floor and that she herself is disgusted.

I am proud to work at Orange Coast College and therefore choose to treat this campus, including the restrooms, with the same respect I do my own home. 

You could walk into the staff restroom here at any time of the day and would find it only one way – clean. Paper products are placed in the receptacle provided. I have used other staff restrooms throughout the campus over the years and have found them to be in a clean and sanitary condition too.

I have worked high school football games, graduations, etc. where the attendance is often at maximum capacity of 7,200 for LeBard Stadium.  I continuously check the restrooms throughout these events, which are used by adults, high school students and young children. 

The restrooms may be older, but not once have I found the restrooms in the condition that they are on a daily basis during any given semester on this campus.  I must ask again …. “who would do such a thing?”

Maureen Crawford

Orange Coast College

Maintenance and Operations

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