To the Editor of The Coast Report Online at Orange Coast College:

My name is Alyssa Traverso and I am your campus education specialist at Higher One, the company your school partners with to electronically distribute financial aid refunds to Orange Coast College students.

Your school partnered with Higher One so you can receive your financial aid dollars faster and more conveniently by allowing you to choose online how you want to receive your money.

You will always have a choice in how you receive your money and all of your options are cost-free. This is a standard set by the Department of Education.

I read your recent article “Student gov. to clarify Higher One” and was disappointed in a couple of the misunderstandings regarding fees that I saw in the article and I wanted to be sure students know the truth.

The choice is yours. If you choose to open a OneAccount with Higher One, there is no fine print and there are no hidden fees.

We let you know about everything upfront before you open the account, so be sure to read the terms. Also, be sure you take advantage of the online resources showing how to use the account for free, such as using the ATMs on campus and always choosing the “swipe and sign” method to avoid retailer fees.  

The fees referenced in the article are inaccurate.

I look forward to attending the SGA Town Hall meeting and addressing any questions or concerns students have about the service Higher One provides.

Alyssa C. Traverso

Campus Education Specialist, Higher One

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