Slant of Article was Absurd

I recently read last week’s issue of the Coast Report when I saw an article about this year’s presidential candidates.

I do not remember exactly what the name of the article was but, it was something to the effect of this presidential race being absurd. I read it hoping to read an article that shows the absurdities of both parties but what I got was a total, full on Obama-bash.

I feel like the name of the article was totally misleading. I also feel that a lot of issues were left out of the article that had to deal with the issues that were brought up by the article itself.

Thank you for providing this school with a wonderful newspaper. I wouldn’t be sending this letter if I didn’t like the newspaper at this school.

Gabriel Montoya

OCC student

“Election Just Absurd” ran in the Coast Report on Sept. 17.

This Smoking is Killing me

I have been roaming about campus and have noticed a few smokers standing right outside the entrance to buildings, specifically the library.  There is a large no smoking sign posted above the doors that states “this is a smoke free area.” 

Do people not see the signs or do they simply ignore the signs?  I find this particularly annoying, because I have an allergy to smoke.  I walk past, through a lingering cloud of smoke and immediately have difficulty breathing.

I don’t want to make OCC a smoke-free campus where one can only smoke in the parking lot, but I like to be able to breathe without feeling my lungs hurting or that I’m going to turn blue and collapse. 

I would like smokers to be aware of how close they are to doorways and high traffic walkways, and try to be considerate of those of us who are allergic to the smoke.

Mary Maddux

OCC student

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