Dear Editor,

The spring semester is almost at an end and many students are about to make the transition to universities, some close to home and others hundreds of miles away.

The Honors Program has readied many students for this shift through the rigorous courses, headed by brilliant professors who see the vast potential in each student, and through leadership opportunities like the Honors Student Council.

Honor students look, eat, and sleep like ordinary people, yet within them is the desire to succeed and persevere to be the greatest people they can be. Their courage and determination is contagious, helping each other focus on their goals, which at first seemed so unattainable but now are so frighteningly close.

Meet an Honor student and you will see not only the hope in their eyes, but also the will to conquer great academic heights, having no boundaries for their success.

For a whole year I have sat with students in the Honors Student Council and have listened to the ideas and events that they have proposed, amazed at how much can be accomplished when there are many with the same drive and motivation to give back to their school and community.

Teresa Scarbrough, our advisor and Honors Office Coordinator, has given us inspiration and the wisdom that integrity shall never be lost no matter what, since that is what truly defines one as a great student.

The Honor students of Orange Coast College have put in the effort and now know that with dedication and the desire for excellence nothing is impossible. With their integrity and good will they will mold our world into something beautiful and powerful, spreading knowledge and pride wherever their paths lead.

I congratulate each honor student that is transferring this year and I thank you for spreading your courage, pride, and most of all the will to maintain your integrity. You have shown us there is nothing that cannot be achieved. Once again, congratulations and good luck on your journey to success.

Maxwell Pedroza


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