When I came to OCC  18 years ago I knew I would be taking a big cut in pay. Why did I accept the position? I wanted to work at a community college and how fortunate I was to be able to work at OCC.

Now we are in one of the worst budget crisis I have ever seen in my 38 years in education, yet what does the District Board do? It gives raises to its own administrators and raises to the presidents of the colleges.  One of the reasons is that, “we have to be competitive with other Districts’ salaries for their administrators.” Really?  

When the presidents and district administrators took the position they have, by choice, they knew that this district had budget issues. So if the district had to change its mind on giving raises, I would think that would be understood. My question to the board is, are we competitive with our faculty salaries and classified salaries? I happen to know that we are not, so does that mean they are going to look at that issue? I know they are not.  

They are talking about a 3 percent cut in our salaries and layoffs. Students will be paying a higher student service fee, the deans are doing the job of two deans and the ASOCC is now being asked to pay for two salaries that were paid for by the district, yet they have giving top administrators raises.

The District says “sacrifices need to be made,” but by whom? I guess it is determined by where you are on the ladder and faculty, classified and students are on the bottom end of that ladder.

Anna Katsuki

Professor, counseling and outreach services

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