To the Editor:

I’ve met a couple of the people who are responsible for the current school website. They were both very nice, so I was hesitant to publicly criticize them.

Unfortunately, nice does not cut it.

The OCC website is horrible. It looks aesthetically pleasing on the face of it, but my experience has been that it is mostly broken.

The fact of the matter is that the website is an important resource to current and future students, but I have had serious problems with the site on EVERY machine I have accessed it with.

Two of the most annoying: 1. The pages struggle to scroll down, if they even will. This makes it nearly impossible at times to access information I need. Luckily I realized you can copy all on the page and paste into a document to read. 2. The search almost never returns results, even on queries such as “athletic center.”

I have been a student for almost two years, and I finally realized how whack it will be that I never once got to see a functioning school website.

My theory is that this is active repellant to students seeking the school in an effort to reduce impaction. In that case, let’s just make a dummy site for them and one that actually works for students currently enrolled.

Hopefully something can be done about this.

Ryan McLaren, 23, communications

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