One would think that Christian values entail telling the truth. Being a Unitarian Universalist Christian I know that it is one of mine. Surprisingly, for the conservative religious groups funding the commercials in favor of Proposition 8, which would eliminate the constitutional right of marriage for same-sex couples, it is not one of their values.

In several parts of the commercials deception and lies were used for their message. Claims were made from the court overturning the will of the people, to religious organization and persons being sued for their beliefs, to finally same-sex marriage being taught to students.

Addressing the courts issue I would remind readers that not so long ago the U.S. Supreme Court “overturned” the will of the people of the south, ending segregation. As for religious organizations and their beliefs, the California high court has ruled that “no religion will be required to change its religious policies or practices with regard to same-sex couples.”

Regarding persons being sued, the first amendment protects a person’s beliefs and the example used in the commercial concerned the belief of a doctor that denied medical care to a lesbian, in violation of her civil rights. Finally, the sexual education of students is left to local school boards and a student can be removed from sexual education class at a parent’s request. For more information:

Civil marriage is a civil right.

Jeffrey I. Chang

Student Senator

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