Millions for execs, tuppence for you

While top executives at Disney made millions in bonuses, workers received little or nothing at all. Abigail Disney wants that to change.

The Walt Disney Company is known for creating decades worth of blockbuster kids’ movies, building the happiest place on Earth and now as the giant media conglomerate that doesn’t know how to pay their workers a living wage.

Abigail Disney, the granddaughter of the company’s co-founder Roy Disney, took to Twitter on April 21 to lambast the company on the $65 million in bonuses that were given out this year to six top executives at the company including CEO Bob Iger.

On top of that shockingly high number, Iger made 1,424 times the median income of a Disney employee in 2018, also coming in at $65 million.

In the dozens of tweets that spanned across the next several days and culminated in an opinion piece for the Washington Post, Abigail Disney said it was a dodge for the company to rebut by saying they offer bonuses and education at no cost to some employees.

“The problem with offering education is that the people most in need of the biggest salary boosts are often least in a position to benefit by it. That’s why they have to take these jobs,” Abigail Disney said in a tweet. “Not only can they not afford the childcare to get to these classes, they will be too stressed or exhausted to get anything out of them.”

She went on to say that spending $125 million on $1,000 bonuses to employees while simultaneously buying back $3.6 billion in stock shows the insane ability Disney has to pay its workers more.

Abigail Disney said it is shocking for the company to hide behind the idea these are just starter jobs and went on to say that businesses have an obligation to pay their employees a living wage regardless of the service they provide.

“If you need beds changed and towels washed, and you are unwilling to do so yourself, at least respect the dignity of those you pay in your stead to do so,” Abigail Disney said. “If what they do is necessary to conducting your business successfully, then they deserve to be paid what they need to conduct their lives successfully.”

Disney had a record year for profits in 2018 despite several huge acquisitions across their mediums. By utilizing this influx of cash to further deepen the pockets of the top executives at the company while leaving the employees in the most need with nothing, they prove that they are only the happiest place on Earth if you can afford it.

“Anyone who contributes to the success of a profitable company and who works full-time to do so should not go hungry, should not ration insulin and should not have to sleep in a car,” Abigail Disney said.

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