Welcome everyone to the fall 2019 semester! I hope you had a fun and relaxing summer, and are ready for another exciting semester at Orange Coast College.

As I near my second month at OCC, my time has been filled learning about the campus, visiting the various departments, sharing stories with staff, meeting our community champions, and engaging with the students and the student leadership. What is evident across the many conversations we have had is the heartfelt dedication that exists amongst us to serve students and cultivate an environment that allows them to thrive and flourish through innovation, inclusiveness, equity-minded practices, and connection.

This semester, I look forward to spending time with you to learn about your programs and services, what inspires you, and where you see opportunities for moving the College to the next chapter of excellence.

Noted below, many exciting things happening across the campus:

  • Construction — many construction projects, such as the upcoming Aquatic Complex, Student Union, and Student Housing Complex, are well underway. We ask for your patience with parking challenges as the campus undergoes a full transformation.
  • AB 705 — this fall will be our first semester of compliance with the new placement requirements of AB 705. By visiting OCC’s website and searching for “assessment center,” you can find explanations of the legislation, on course placement for English and math, as well as the support courses that may be helpful for your students.
  • Guided Pathways — the three design teams of Intervention, Onboarding, and Curricular Clusters continue their momentum and will be updating us with their great progress this fall.
  • Student Resources — please remind students to take advantage of the myriad of support services available to help them be successful that include the Pirates’ Promise, OCC Cares, free tutoring services, etc.

Thank you for continuing to inspire and support our students throughout their educational journey.

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