At a time when many in the international community question who is in control of Mexico, a recent incident that left eight dead, a dozen injured and 55 inmates on the loose has left the Mexican government looking even worse.

The city of Culiacan was left in disarray on Oct. 17 with burning vehicles blocking roads and trucks equipped with military-style weapons driven by members of the Sinaloa cartel keeping the government military at bay.

Prison riots broke out and inmates escaped as they overpowered guards, taking their guns. Since the escape the warden has been suspended after a tenure of only 11 months.

This was after a national guard patrol was shot while attempting to apprehend Ovidio Guzmán López, son of El Chapo Guzmán — the drug kingpin currently in a U.S. prison. The raid was an attempt to carry out an extradition order to the United States.

The patrol of around 35 men eventually made it inside the home where they found Guzmán López.

With the younger Guzmán Lopez in custody, one of Mexico’s most wanted criminals, the patrol seemed to have managed a job well done.

However, the patrol was eventually overpowered by cartel gunmen who flooded the streets, and forced them to surrender as well as hand back Guzmán López to the Sinaloa cartel.

“We don’t want a war,” president of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said defending the operation.

The entire situation makes a mockery of not only the Mexican government, but their military as well.

Even with the event being unexpected, you would think reinforcements would have been deployed following the capture of one of the most dangerous men in Mexico.

Instead, the cartel reacted faster than the government and the president of the country was forced to put his tail between his legs, and stand down to criminals terrorizing his country.

I understand protecting civilians comes first, but more needs to be done. Exclaiming that you don’t want a war while the cartel is allowed to kill civilians and police daily demonstrates a lack of responsibility.

At this point the government has no control in the Sinaloa region of Mexico, and over time they will continue to be stepped on and walked over by various cartels inhabiting their country.

For a president who vowed to end violence and prevent corruption, things are only going get worse.

I hope for the Mexican peoples’ sake, the next time he is presented with an opportunity to gain a leg up on the cartel his judgment will not lapse and give in like it did in Culiacan.

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