The world has been around for approximately 6 million years, yet we only dedicate one out of the 365 days of the year to tend to our planet. 

Today is Earth Day and it’s usually marked by activities such as beach cleanups, tree plantings and informative seminars. It’s as if people believe that one day of hard work and good will can reverse all the pollution and waste we have accumulated throughout the decades.

Although these efforts come with good intentions, it’s frankly not enough. Every day should be Earth Day and we should be treating the land we live on with utmost respect.

I’ve been hugging trees since the moment I could walk, forcing my parents to change our light bulbs to LED and changing everything I could in my life to fit an eco-friendly lifestyle.

If a young child can switch their daily habits, so can the average adult.

The term “eco-friendly” is referred to any goods, services, or laws that favor towards our environment in order to help it prosper and flourish once again. As the needs of people change, markets have come up with technology and items to help fulfill our sustainability needs.

I’ve heard every excuse from, “Being environmentally friendly can get expensive,” all the way to, “It’s just too hard. I don’t know what’s recyclable, and it’s simply a waste.”

People say these things in hopes of justifying their actions but it only increases the damage that has been done.

Sea turtles with plastic rings strangling their necks are swimming in a sea of waste amongst fish and whales that have their bellies filled to the brim with plastic bottles and bags.

That is the new norm.

 An estimated 80,000 acres of land are wiped away from existence every single day in our tropical rainforests. Jaguars, lemurs, sloths all animals that we learned about in elementary school are being threatened daily just to fulfill consumerism’s demands.

At this rate they may as well be extinct in a few years.

 Travel destinations such as Bali are no longer desirable because instead of swimming in a clear see you are stuck swimming in the sea of trash that was created by mankind. Nature that we once envisioned on visiting is soon to become something of the past.

 These catastrophic moments are occurring because we seem to believe that either there is no cure or small steps won’t drive us towards the direction of a healthy environment for everyone to enjoy.

The Earth doesn’t demand a big gesture that will solve all problems, she just needs to know that people simply care and that’s what most of us lack.

Hydro flasks, reusable bags, biodegradable utensils, metal straws all items that are deemed sustainable for everyone’s daily use, yet we “forget” to incorporate them into our routines.

 The average human being will use about 167 water bottles a year which means that in the city of Costa Mesa alone there's a consumption of 18,777,313 bottles that end up in our landfills.

The investment of one metal bottle means an investment towards our green future and that’s how everyone should see it. An investment in yourself, your family, and the environment.

A simple effort delivers a bigger impact that will last a lifetime.

Years from now I don’t want to be flipping through history books reading and reminiscing about how our world used to thrive in the past and not in the present simply because people couldn’t find the strength to care and do something about our dire need for change.

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