Rise of the ‘Thunderbird’

Emma Pridmore carries the ball from Santa Ana College during a game.

Emma “Thunderbird” Pridmore is nothing short of an all around athlete after playing soccer for many years and running just to stay in shape.

Pridmore started playing soccer for AYSO when she was 4. From then on, she played other sports such as baseball, basketball and, of course, soccer. 

In her junior year at Cypress High School, she was the leading scorer in the league with 9 goals and made the first team all league. She also participated in cross country and track.

In her freshman year of track, she went to CIF and had the fastest 800 meter run with a time of 2:15. The following year, she went to CIF for all three sports — cross country, track and soccer. She also had the fastest time in cross country with a time of 19:15.

“All the other sports I played, I mean I like them and I was decent at them, but I’ve always gone back to soccer because it’s my passion,” Pridmore said.

Her first year at OCC she became a member of the 2011 All-Orange Empire Conference. Joining her was Jessica Parker and Jessica Amaral. She earned the third place scoring leader finishing the season with the Pirates best of 14 goals and 5 assists.

She can definitely thank her big brother, Jesse, who she looked up to for quite a while because he too plays soccer and was accepted to UCLA. Another person who has influenced her is former L.A. Galaxy midfielder Cobi Jones. Because of him she has had No.13 on the back of her jersey her whole soccer career.

The Pirates definitely got a steal because she was originally going to play for Cypress and was asked to play for Santiago Canyon, but decided to come here. She even had second thoughts about playing here because she wasn’t sure if she was going to start or not.

“Our coach is awesome. Everyone on the team is friendly and really good. Everyone has enough skill but also has fun on the team. I don’t think I would play anywhere else,” Pridmore said.

After playing as center midfielder she was switched to center forward, which she got used to pretty quickly, she said. She is joined by Amaral, Brooke Springer, and sometimes Sarah MacArthur and Natalie Seroka. Now that she got the starting nod, she feels more confident about next year.

When she’s not playing soccer, she works at Marie Callender’s making sure the food is sent out on time as an expo, and is working her way to becoming a server. In the time that’s left she enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding and once in a while runs for fun.

“I mostly work, but when I can I love to be with friends. I like to be active — I mean I can’t stand just sitting around,” Pridmore said.

As for going pro, she fancies the idea and doesn’t mind playing out of state. Still, she makes sure she’s living life at its best.


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