No matter who is on the court or field, the most hated person or people will always be the referees because they’re the easiest people to blame. After any sports game, it’s easy to go back and point out all of the “should have been” foul calls that could have led to crucial points.

However, I may be alone in thinking that missed calls are just another part of the game.

First of all, referees are only human and just like everyone else, they make mistakes. There is no way that a referee will be able to catch everything that happens and the players, as well as the coaches, know that.

From a young age playing sports, my coaches would always tell the team that it’s not the first punch that the refs see, but the second punch thrown that gets the call.

Although with new technologies being introduced, it is becoming easier to spot the first offender.

The most recent case where referees’ calls have come under question is in the semi-finals series between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. After losing game one on this year’s series to the Warriors, the Rockets were quite vocal in their anger towards the refs about not getting the foul calls they thought they deserved.

Complaining about fouls is the source of my slight against players such as James Harden.

There is no arguing that Harden is one of the best players in the NBA right now, but complaining about getting fouled almost every time he shoots the ball seems childish.

Players in the NBA know what the game is about. They’re professionals, so they should act like it. In my opinion, constantly complaining to the referees only irritates them and leads them to favor the opposing team.

At the end of the day, the refs are just doing their job, call or no call. Like it or not, it is ultimately up to the ref on how they choose to officiate the game.

No referee is going to call a perfect game in any sport, but who are you to judge sitting on the couch screaming at the TV with no experience ever as a professional referee.


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