The XFL is making a comeback after its short stint on NBC in 2001. The alternate football league that airs during the NFL offseason, is owned by the CEO of the WWE Vince McMahon.

Surprisingly, the “X” in the XFL doesn’t stand for anything. In February of 2000, McMahon was quick to point out that it stood for nothing. Leaving interpretation open to the public.

The new league consists of eight teams from eight different cities.

Commissioner Oliver Luck, and dad of former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, changed several rules that you would see in your regular NFL game, in hopes to stir up excitement and ratings within the fans.

Some of the changes include a new format for the kickoff, and a three tier extra point system giving teams the opportunity to make a comeback more probable.

The most significant change in the XFL is the overtime rules. During overtime, teams will have five single play possessions from its opponents 5-yard line.

If the game remains tied, teams will alternate possessions until there is a winner.

The XFL is more than just another entertainment experiment for fans. It also gives overlooked, or forgotten athletes another chance to prove themselves.

The standard guaranteed paycheck for a XFL player is around $55,000 a season. While the maximum amount, plus incentives can get you to around $500,000.

For a lot of these guys, this is their last efforts to show NFL teams that they are still good enough to play at a professional level.

There have been other recent football leagues besides the XFL. Last year the Alliance of American Football tried to make a run, but failed miserably dissolving two weeks before the end of the season.

As a regular viewer of the NFL I think it’s vital that there is another gateway league in America after college for athletes to make it to the next level.

The sustainability of income to players has me skeptical that this will even be able to last. How will you be able to build up player popularity if they’re getting paid the same amount as the people in the stands?

The XFL has already rejected Colin Kaepernick after exorbitant salary demands. When you really think about his rejection, it does make sense. Why would a major league player want to get paid minor league money?

Many leagues in the past were unwilling to fully commit themselves to their fans leaving them disconnected.

Starting up a whole new sports league is no easy task, but Vince McMahon is determined to make this attempt much different from those in the past.


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