MLB realignment is fantasy at best

Sporting events may be back on the calendar soon with Major League Baseball exploring the idea of realigning their league to play this season in just two states. 

As of now there's no official date given for when the league hopes to be back on two feet. However, the new plan gives a glimmer of hope in a baseball world that otherwise could be shut down into late summer.

Teams would return to the states where they played spring training, either in Florida or Arizona, and would have their divisions and leagues rearranged to reflect the Grapefruit and Cactus league. Each league would have three divisions based on the teams' regions.

Another possibility is having a season only played in Arizona that could start as early as May, but there is nothing on the cards yet either way.

However, from a realistic standpoint, any option other than playing in their home cities feels far-fetched. Having players stay separated from their families while quarantined in one of the two states seems like too much to ask.  

Games would still be played behind closed doors, and it could still be a while before the league would be able to start even if the plans were to go through.

The only way an idea like this is plausible is if the games are played in an exhibition style. They could consider it an extended spring training for the players, giving them time to settle back into the game before the season can finally begin as prescribed. 

Watching the Los Angeles Angels and the Los Angeles Dodgers play each other as division rivals would be cool in theory, but nothing more. National League teams would have to adopt the American Leagues designated hitter rules most likely and it wouldn’t feel like an actual MLB season. 

With teams being forced to play against teams they aren't accustomed to, it would feel more or less like a fantasy season. In a way, that’s all the idea realistically is.

When baseball does start, in whatever capacity it will be, I just hope it's played in the way it has been since the conception of the leagues. Because at the end of the day that’s the format of baseball that I've fallen in love with.

Not to mention that it would be a shame if American League West teams missed their chance to get revenge against the Houston Astros due to realignment.

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