March is a wonderful time of year. What makes March so great is that it brings Americans together every year for three weeks to socialize, crush wings and scream at a TV screen for four whole days.

The NCAA tournament, often referred to as March Madness, is one of the most entertaining sporting events of the entire year  mostly because nobody really knows what’s going to happen.

Sure, that Duke team loaded with five-star NBA-bound talent is the obvious choice to win  but that’s too easy. One year after being the first ever No. one seed to lose to a 16 seed, and considering it’s the team’s first year in the Final Four since 1984, the chances that they walk away as the big winner seems unlikely.

Upsets are one of the thing that make this tournament so exciting. You don’t expect the school you’ve never heard of from a conference that sounds made up, to come in and give the blue bloods trouble. But they do time and time again, and that’s what makes March well, March.

To me, this year’s tournament has been rather vanilla. With no seed higher than a five advancing to the Sweet 16, things went according to plan despite a few scares from schools such as Vermont and Yale and a huge upset for the local UC Irvine Anteaters who earned their first tournament win over fourth seed Kansas State. The 13th-seeded Anteaters, collapsed in a round of 32 matchup against the University of Oregon.

Despite the complete lack of bracket-busting upsets, this March has found itself to be very entertaining as the games have been mostly very competitive after the first round. One of the big stories in this tournament was the University of Tennessee.

After winning a share of the SEC title during the regular season, crushing various school records along the way, Admiral Schofield led the Volunteers to its first Sweet 16 since 2014. However, Tennessee did what Tennessee does best, blowing a near 20-point comeback just to lose to Purdue University in overtime.

The overall number one seed, Duke, finally fell to the Michigan State University Spartans.Despite appearing to have a deal with the devil after two close games against Virginia Tech University and the University of Central Florida, both of whom missed go ahead or game tying shots at the buzzer.

Coach K’s Duke roster boasted one of the most talented teams in college basketball history. Despite R.J. Barrett, Tre Jones and Cam Reddish, everyone’s eyes gravitate towards the Lebron-esque build of Zion Williamson.

As Williamson saw his college career possibly end Sunday afternoon, things are looking up for the predicted future number one lottery pick in the NBA.

With the Final Four upon us, expect some very entertaining performances from all teams playing, especially the University of Auburn. The Tigers are riding high after winning the Southern Regional defeating the likes of blue-blood programs such as the University of Kentucky.

Whoever wins the NCAA tournament whether it be Auburn, Virginia, Michigan State or Texas Tech University, the real winner here is the NCAA, who are earning an estimated $900 million off of these kids who just love the game.

So much for Amateurism, kudos NCAA.

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