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Fall 2019 Staff

Editorial Board


Chloe Gould
Chloe is a 22-year-old communications studies major in her fourth semester with the Coast Report. Growing up she spent most of her time playing any sport she could, but predominantly softball. She is a lover of all sports, but none more than baseball and her beloved Angels.
Kate Bent
Features Editor
Kate Bent is a first year journalism student returning to school after a five-year absence. After previously getting an AA degree in Child Development, she decided to return to school and hopes to be a conflict journalist someday. She also enjoys walking her cat, going to the beach and attending concerts.



Staff Writers


Heather Eyre
It's never too late to finish what was started at OCC. Returning 25 years later, Heather is thrilled to be completing her AAT in Journalism this December. Mother and film lover, she has a few stories of her own from years on the road in international travel and event marketing.
Matthew Gomez
My name is Matthew. I’m in my second semester at OCC, and first semester with the Coast Report. If I’m not at school or working at Starbucks, I often find myself watching various sports, and keeping an eye on up and coming prospects. Otherwise, I can be found spending my time hanging out with friends or my three dogs.


Sabrina Hernandez
Hi. I'm Sabrina. I am 22 years old. I enjoy acting, singing, being a YouTuber and journalism. What do all these have in common? Talking. So yes, I talk a lot. Yes, I am outgoing and loud, but no, I do not bite. I am a feisty Latina who’s going to expand my horizons and accomplish great things. Stay tuned and follow my journey with the Coast Report.


Jesse Kalamian
Jesse is a second-year Journalism major at OCC. As a Huntington Beach native, he usually spends his free time surfing or snowboarding (or daydreaming about either). As a follower of the Orange County scene, Jesse spends a lot of nights at local punk and hardcore shows.


Emily Nall
My name is Emily Nall. I am back in school studying journalism after taking a couple of years off to focus on building my career. I live a healthy lifestyle and in my free time I enjoy gardening, cooking and spending time outside. In high school I was the co-editor in chief of my school’s yearbook and I’m excited to get back into writing consistently.


Ashlee Owings
Ashlee is a newly declared journalism major. She prefers to spend her weekends outdoors either at the beach or hiking. She is a big music lover and tries to attend concerts as often as possible. Passionate about the environment, she hopes to write for National Geographic magazine one day.
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa is a second year journalism student at OCC. They enjoy a nice cup of Joe and a good meditation session to start their mornings. When they aren’t in class or at work, Vanessa enjoys spending time with like-hearted friends and folks.


Kaila Spencer
Kaila is a third year OCC student studying journalism. When she's not doing homework or waitressing, she spends most of her time at Disneyland or going to the movies. Kaila enjoys anything nerdy including Marvel, and especially Star Wars. She also co-hosts a female perspective podcast with two other women of color called SHE-3PO. Kaila hopes to earn a B.A. in journalism at Long Beach State University and continue her career in entertainment journalism.



Behind the scenes

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Cathy Werblin
Faculty Advisor
Phone: 714-432-5094
Cathy Werblin teaches newswriting and reporting and feature writing at OCC in addition to advising the Coast Report staff. She is tired most of the time. She spent many years writing for daily newspapers in Arizona and California, including the Orange County Register.
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Kate Mann
Advertising Manager
Phone: 714-432-5673
Fax: 714-432-5978
Kate joined the Coast Report staff in 2005. She can usually be found shivering in the advertising office. Send any questions about display or classified advertisements her way.