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Meet the Staff

Fall 2017 Staff

Editorial Board


Sara Teal
Sara is a third-year journalism student at OCC. This semester is her swan song with the Coast Report and with the college. When she’s not writing, you can catch her mixing up cocktails for the man or agonizing over the Playdoh remnants her toddler has embedded into her carpet. Disaster movies are her guilty pleasure and comfort her restless anxiety. She is currently re-watching Aaron Sorkin’s greatest masterpiece, “The Newsroom,” for the umpteenth time. She firmly believes that knowledge is power and aspires to be an influential voice of her generation.
Margherita Beale
Managing Editor
Margherita is a third-year journalism student at OCC. Her hobbies include reminding others how important it is to stay informed and correcting people regarding the spelling of her name. She loves food and denouncing gentrified Italian cuisine, in a nod to her home country. When she isn't on campus, you can find her waiting tables at a Brazilian steakhouse or nodding in and out of cheesy romantic comedies on her couch.
Isabella Balandran
Features Editor
Isabella is a second-year journalism student at OCC. Between classes, she interns at the Los Angeles Times' High School Insider, waits tables at a diner on weekends and spends any leftover time with loved ones or her two dogs.
Kassidy Dillon
Arts & Culture Editor
Kassidy is a second-year journalism major at OCC. She also attends the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising as a visual communication major. She aims to one day be able to combine her love for music and writing as a working journalist. She spends most of her free time reading, thrift shopping and going to shows and music festivals with her friends.
Spencer Golanka
Features Editor
Spencer is a second-year communications major at OCC. In his free time he likes to eat, cook, look at pictures of food and watch sports while eating. He will purposefully wake up at 4:30 a.m. to go to a pub and watch soccer. He aspires to be a prominent sports writer and broadcaster.
Devin Michaels
Layout & Design Editor
Devin is a second-year communication studies major at OCC with a knack for selling Girl Scout cookies and is the Coast Report's most eligible bachelor. Sometimes, he believes as many as six impossible things before breakfast. In his free time, he writes poetry and screenplays, plays guitar, watches movies and listens to Stephen Hawking's audio books (no, they are not narrated by Hawking himself, thank God). He is a terrible driver, an Air Force veteran and he loves breakfast food, especially eggs benedict.
Lauren Galvan
Photo Editor
Lauren is a first-year journalism major at OCC. During her free time, she is usually taking photos of anything available to her and spending time with her dog. She also enjoys listening to punk and ska music, traveling, hanging out with her friends and going to music and comedy shows.
Henry Bate
Social Media Editor
Henry is a first-year journalism student at OCC. His Aussie slang can often slip out as a result of spending a decade Down Under. When he doesn't have his nose shoved into his phone looking at Twitter, you can find him eating tacos anywhere near the beach.


Staff Writers


Jailynn Arizmendi
Jailynn is a second-year journalism major at OCC. When she has down time, she likes to sleep or go out with friends. When she isn’t doing either of those two things or at school, you can find her working at Target.
Obeydah Darwish
Obeydah is a communications major at OCC with an interest in photojournalism and feature writing. She loves international films and music, learning new languages and dry humor.
Jessica Engelbart
Jessica Engelbart is a second-year journalism major at OCC and is also on the school’s crew team. She works at the Greek Theater selling concert merchandise but hopes to one day become a screenwriter.
Chloe Gould
Chloe is a fourth-year communications major at OCC. For as long as she can remember, her life has revolved around sports, noting that her passion for the Angels has taken over her emotional well-being. When she isn’t obsessing over sports, Chloe finds herself actively binging reality television, no matter how terrible she knows it is.
Wiley Jawhary
Wiley Jawhary is a 20-year-old OCC student and has a part-time job at Bank of America. 
On the side, he has an acting agency. While acting is fun, it is not his main passion. His real passions are journalism and broadcasting. He loves to speak and would be satisfied with any job in that field, but his ultimate dream is to be a news or sports broadcaster or host.
Audrey Kemp
Audrey is a second-year journalism major at OCC. She works part-time as a barista at La Petite Sourie Cafe and as a freelance photographer. She plans to finish her undergraduate degree at UCI in the fall.
Linda Mizrahi
Brandon Noh
Brandon Noh is a second-year journalism major at OCC. Outside of school, he is a semi-professional gamer and is involved in music, both through his own music as well as throughout the greater LA area. He aspires to write about his passions and in his free time competes in gaming tournaments.
Feli Pliego
Feli is a full-time, bilingual communications major at OCC fluent in Spanish. She is planning on transferring to Cal State Fullerton to pursue a degree in journalism. Her forte is talking to people. She enjoys meeting people and hopes to be able to interview and photograph celebrities. She enjoys leading a healthy lifestyle.
Lisette Saldivar
Makenna Stone
Makenna is a second-year journalism major at OCC. She plans on transferring to a Cal State next semester. When she's not on campus, you can find her waiting tables at Pacific City. She hopes to find a career in the entertainment broadcast industry. Her boxer, Nala, is her favorite and they enjoy dog beaches in Huntington Beach and coffee.
Misaki Yoshimura
Misaki is a Japanese third-year journalism major at OCC. In her free time, she loves to fish and read. Since her cancer treatment, she has become interested in writing and meeting other cancer patients to hear their experiences.


Behind the scenes

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Cathy Werblin
Faculty Advisor
Phone: 714-432-5094
Cathy Werblin teaches newswriting and reporting and feature writing at OCC in addition to advising the Coast Report staff. She is tired most of the time. She spent many years writing for daily newspapers in Arizona and California, including the Orange County Register.
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Kate Mann
Advertising Manager
Phone: 714-432-5673
Fax: 714-432-5978
Kate joined the Coast Report staff in 2005. She can usually be found shivering in the advertising office. Send any questions about display or classified advertisements her way.