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Scott Mitchell wasn’t expecting to see his name in a list of Orange County’s 100 most influential people.

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Orange Coast College prepares to officially open its $25 million Planetarium on Saturday after over two and a half years of construction and 1…

Houston, we now have liftoff. Orange Coast College’s highly anticipated Planetarium is ready to launch.

Coast Report staffers got a sneak peek at the new Orange Coast College Planetarium, slated to open in March. The facility is a state-of-the-ar…


The stars have yet to align for the Orange Coast College Community Planetarium with the grand opening arriving at a date later than expected d…


In the heart of Orange Coast College’s campus, a giant dome has been erected as part of the planetarium construction that has invaded the camp…


No matter where you’re standing on campus, you’ll likely be able to see a giant dome forming in the heart of Orange Coast College.


As the cacophony of construction work drills through classroom windows and into the eardrums of students nearby, they wonder when the noise wi…


Thousands of students descended upon Orange Coast College today to begin the new semester in the new year.


Dr. Jerome Fang, an instructor of astronomy at Orange Coast College, stood patiently for six hours on the west end of the Adams Avenue Parking…