Feeling the burn from home

Studios like Union Ryde Spin Studio in Tustin have decided to rent out the gear to clients during the pandemic. All of the studio's 68 bikes have been rented.

When we got the stay-at-home orders my gym, like everyone else’s, closed immediately. I felt angry at the closure but shortly after I realized how selfish my feelings were. Nonetheless, working out has always been a big part of my life.

The gym has always been my stress outlet. I have tried every workout trend you can think of — Zumba, CrossFit, spin, Pilates, yoga and a personal trainer. You name it, I have done it.

That being said, everything I have done is in a class setting. Now I can’t.

I’ve always lacked the motivation to work out at home without the palpable pressure from classmates. Additionally, I’ve always felt dumb following a cute girl on a video saying, “You got this!” while I workout from my living room.

However, just like everybody else during this pandemic, I have had to resort to home workouts. 

At the start of the quarantine, I searched online for weights, bands and workout equipment. Unfortunately, they were all sold out. Spin studios began to rent out bikes but they were quickly sold out. With no luck, I had to get creative. 

I started to go for walks in my neighborhood. I took my daughter to the park and as she played, I worked out.

I discovered a staircase that no one uses in my apartment. I am now that lady that carries a gallon of water in each hand and does stair workouts in public for 20 minutes. I even bought ankle weights.  

Finally I managed to track down a spin bike available to rent and I downloaded the Peloton app for spin. Many of my local studios have since started offering zoom classes with a suggested donation to help these smaller businesses.

Claudine Castro, a trainer in Orange County, has started putting all her workouts on her Instagram, @claudinefitca. These workouts are tailored to in-home workouts that require you to use household items as weights. 

Castro’s tips to get the most out of a home workout include getting creative with weights. 

“Fill up a tote bag or backpack with anything and everything to make it heavy, use Ziplock container tops as sliders, use a chair or table as a bench,” Castro said.

Castro isn’t the only person using Instagram to provide workout tips for those of us who are home-bound.

For other easily accessible home workouts, @katiecrewe is a nutrition-based fitness coach. To build strength in safe and correct positions for your body,  @shona_vertue is a licensed physical therapist. For spin classes, @unionryde and @gritcycle are great resources. 

This down time we have right now can be used to get creative and reconnect with ourselves as we practice self care. 

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