An adventure of a lifetime beckons Orange Coast College students this summer. Open enrollment for OCC Study Abroad is currently available for all students.

Students can learn or master a foreign language, take in celebrated and inspiring art, observe historical monuments firsthand and experience the rhythm of daily life in France, Italy, Spain or England.  

For the first time, OCC art and photography students can participate in an art and culture program in Barcelona. Foreign language classes are not required for the program.

“Our classes will be held outdoors in the city, countryside and beaches doing drawing, painting and photography,” OCC art and architecture instructor Chris Kerin said. “It’s a way of seeing the culture and history and art through your sketchbook and through your camera lens.”

The art classes offered for the Barcelona program are designed for the beginning and intermediate students. Technical application includes charcoal, graphite, ink and watercolor media to create illusionistic space and form.

OCC photography instructor Jonathan Fletcher will teach an introductory digital photography course, using the exuberant city of Barcelona as a backdrop.

“It’s important for creative types like architects, photographers and artists to be able to experience and create in [the outdoor] environment,” Kerin said.

Students will live next door to Spaniards, grocery shop with the locals and become residents of the city for an entire month, walking the same streets as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

The program will also take an excursion to the Spanish capital, Madrid, and nearby cities Figueres and Girona. A three-day, two-night excursion will include round-trip transportation, hotel accommodation, a guided tour of the Museo del Prado and a self-guided visit to the Reina Sofia museum.

Picasso’s Surrealist painting “Guernica” is on display at the Reina Sofia. In black, white and grays, the painting features a minotaur and several human-like figures in various states of anguish. To many, “Guernica” remains one of the most moving and powerful anti-war paintings in history, deemed one of the greatest paintings of all time.

The cost of the Barcelona program is $3,745 excluding airfare.

The expected dates are June 23 to July 23.

For the Madrid  program, OCC Spanish language instructor Jocelyn Sherman-Falcioni will immerse her students in the culture through historic walking tours, guided museum visits, and Spanish language classes.

“Students will have a daily routine,” Sherman-Falcioni said. “It’s the person who makes your café con leche every morning on your way to classes.  You’re not just dipping your toes in the culture for a week, you’re actually experiencing the life of a Spaniard. It truly is an opportunity for growth and transformation.”

Sherman-Falcioni and her students will visit the Royal Palace for a chance to experience one of the most beautiful collections of frescoes in the world and see works by Francisco Goya and Diego Velázquez. The only string quartet of Stradivarius instruments in the world are also on display at the Royal Palace.

The cost for the Madrid program is $3,575, excluding airfare.

The expected dates are July 1 to July 31.

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