Following the grand opening of The Closet, students from Orange Coast College’s fashion program modeled a few outfits from The Closet’s collection at The Box on Oct. 9.

OCC’s pop-up fashion shop, The Box, collaborated with The Closet to hold a static fashion show to promote the free professional attire.

With the flair of the volunteer models, from either the Fashion Club or fashion classes on campus, and the gratuitous clothing, the hope was to reach the attention of student passersby.

“The exterior is not everything, but when you go to an interview people will look, whether we like it or not,” said Tuan Vo, director of The Closet.

Although the Fashion program representatives were volunteering their time to model the wardrobe, they were also there to volunteer their expertise. They offered students ideas and tips on self-presentation and how to put a suitable ensemble together.

The Fashion Club president, Jessica Iniguez, a 23 year-old fashion merchandising major, was offering recommendations and support as well as handing out fliers with tips.

The hand-out noted advice for producing a business formal look, a business casual look, relatively inexpensive places to shop on and offline, and a few interview pointers.

Model Tu Le, 22 years-old and a fashion major, was sporting a lengthy and slightly over-sized tan blazer with black trim, a black T-shirt, and a trendy wallet chain.

Fashion Club vice president, Jennifer Valdira, a 22 year-old fashion merchandising major, stood out in her business casual olive-green blazer with a cream-colored top and light blue jeans.

Students passing by were encouraged to inquire, not just about the clothing, but also about how to prepare an outfit and any guidance they might need to feel confident during an interview or meeting.

The clothes were exposed on display for students to browse. There weren’t any dressing rooms readily available, but some of the garments, like jackets and blazers, were available to try on on the spot.

Vo said The Box and The Closet collaboration is an important one because students can have access to clothing, but if the students don’t feel confident in how they are presenting, the outfit doesn’t matter much in an interview or meeting.

The OCC Fashion program offers the students connections and opportunities for networking, model Minh Vu, a 28 year-old fashion merchandising major, said. The students in the program go on many field trips, which allow the students to be more knowledgeable in their desired profession.

The fashion show supported many students on campus. It not only helped raise confidence in students without access to appropriate professional clothing, but it also helped raise confidence in students to deliver information and expertise of a career pathway they’ve chosen.

Donating to The Closet is one way of contributing to a community effort of helping students without access to business appropriate clothes, but there is also value in sharing knowledge and experience. The community effort at OCC comes full circle when students reach out to other students with conversations and insight.

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