Recycling takes a new turn

Orange Coast College international student Coloma Muro gathers bottle caps as part of her We Change Collective Effort.

Yoga, music and recycling.

One of these doesn’t belong.

But the We Change Collective is looking to change that.

And thanks to Orange Coast College Spanish international student Coloma Muro and her friend Jimmy Pearson, there might be a way to do it.

Through their organization We Change Collective, the pair hope to change mindset of people and help them grow mindfully aware of their use of plastic. They plan to host a two-hour retreat that combines yoga, music, art and recycling.

They will also create a mandala out of painted bottle caps that participants make. Doing this, their hope is that it will create unity and mindfulness of each person’s use of plastic

“I wouldn’t tell anyone to do anything, but the fact that you are raising awareness automatically creates a response,” Muro said.       

The two came up with the idea of the We Change Collective while on a drive home from Las Vegas.

They said they had epiphany while getting take-out.

After telling a fast food worker they didn’t need a lid on their cups because they were eating there, the employee asked them what is wrong with plastic.

They said they were shocked because recycling and being aware of their waste consumption is so easy for them.

“We don’t want what happens in Vegas to stay in Vegas anymore. We want to repurpose what happens in Vegas,” Pearson said.

Muro and Pearson started to think of ways to integrate the things they love like yoga, music and art into a form of recycling that hasn’t been done before. 

“What can we do that’s unique? What can we do that is different,” Pearson said. 

He added the pair started out a little too big with throwing out ideas — like wanting to do a festival, but they quickly realized that would be way out of their budget.

Their first event, scheduled for March 28 at Boti studios in Anaheim, has been postponed. They are hoping to hold an event on campus for OCC students to learn more about what they are doing.

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