The Orange Coast College Fiscal Affairs Council has proposed allocations for its annual $1.5 million budget, made up of funds from student fees and other income, to various campus clubs and organizations.

The Associated Students of Orange Coast College led the way with a combined $748,619.45 suggested allocation for personnel, office supplies, copier and the program itself, making up just under half the budget. The council allocating the funds is a branch of the student government.

Meanwhile, OCC’s award-winning speech and debate team was allocated a suggested $38,510 from the $67,819 it requested. The Athletics department was allocated $199,205 from a requested $307,975, the Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion was allocated $10,525 of the $11,814 it asked for and the dance department received $8,837 of the $11,000 it requested.

Each of these programs is projected to receive significantly less than what they asked for, with over $140,000 slashed from just those four departments.

The Coast Report is slated to receive just $1,200 — equal to about one-third the funds the council allocated for the ASOCC’s copier. Notably, the Coast Report asked for $5,400 which is used for students to attend two annual state-wide journalism conferences. With this current allocation of funding, students will not be able to attend.

All 28 campus-wide organizations requesting funding asked for $1.8 million which required $364,396.54 to be slashed to fit into the 2019-2020 annual budget.

The funds allocated come from student registration fees and profits from the Associated Students Bookstore among others. The budget is pending approval from the Dean of Student Services, the newly appointed Student Government of Orange Coast College and the Coast Community College District Board of Trustees for a final go-ahead.

This week are SGOCC elections for student government — the body that approves the annual budget — with only eight candidates running for nine seats. A ninth seat is set to be filled in a special election on May 6 through 10.

According to Julie Nguyen, student leadership coordinator at Orange Coast College, applications for the ninth and final seat should be open within the week.

With not enough candidates to fill seats, all of the candidates running will be nominated to the Student Government unless there is a last minute departure — or disqualification.

Reportedly only 559 OCC students voted in last year’s election making up just under 3 percent of the student population.

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