OCC loses college safety assistants on campus

Since the start of this semester, five college safety assistants have been added back to the staff after approximately 30 CSAs were indefinitely furloughed over the summer.

An additional two CSAs are awaiting final approval from the Coast Community College District according to Bai Nguyen, the first administrative assistant for Campus Safety.

After the district was found to be in violation of labor laws regarding the classification of temporary employees, many departments across campus lost student employees in the resulting budget cuts but Campus Safety was hit especially hard.

Of the approximately 35 CSAs employed last semester, only four remained at the start of the fall term.

Chief of Campus Safety Jim Rudy has seen the immediate benefits of the returning CSAs.

“They do an outstanding job, especially when it comes to our safety escorts that are available, our [vehicle] unlocks, our [vehicle] jumpstarts,” Rudy said.

One of the furloughed CSAs, Anthony Mansfield, a 27-year-old psychology major, was rehired this semester and returned to work two weeks after the term started.

Although Mansfield said he is glad to be working again, he had to a take a pay and hours cut while his workload has tripled.

“What I’d like to [see] with the program is a growth in personnel due to the fact that our work load is progressively growing but our personnel isn’t growing to match that,” Mansfield said.

Both Rudy and Nguyen were glad to see the CSAs return and are looking forward to the future of the department.

 According to Nguyen, they are in the process of doing a rebranding and logo redesign as well as providing the CSAs with new uniforms that are expected to cost the school about $20 each. The overall goal is to make the entire department look more professional and up to date, Nguyen said.

Rudy said he sees the CSA program as an integral part of his department and the campus as a whole.

“Most important is their presence out there, the eyes and ears,” Rudy said. “They’re able to report suspicious activity to our officers.”

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